Hospital Discharge Grants

Our Hospital Discharge Support team co-ordinates Brighton and Hove City Council’s Hospital Discharge Disabled Facilities Grant. This grant is available to any patient who is disabled or who is aged 65 and over and living in their own home or private renting.

Having a suitable home is essential for good health and wellbeing.

Possability People can apply for grants for things which make a home safer; things like urgent repairs, housing adaptations, deep cleans or de-cluttering. The Hospital Discharge Grant is available to patients who need help to make their homes safe to return to.

We can also apply for the Handy Person Grant for you if you need help with getting urgent small building repairs done in order to remain living safely at home.

288hospital bed days were saved for the NHS last year by our service.

Evie, who is 69, was referred to Hospital Discharge Support because her home was unsafe to return to.

With no heating or hot water, and a great deal of clutter, Evie had struggled to maintain things before she went into hospital.

Evie found it hard to let go of her things, and every room was full of her possessions. Her home was difficult to move around, and having limited mobility, it was unsafe for her.

With Evie’s agreement, we  helped her access a Hospital Discharge Grant to fund a declutter and the repairs to her electricity and hot water systems. Through the grant  we were also able to  provide temporary heaters, a new bed and bedding.

Evie is thrilled to be home and very grateful for the support offered by Possability People.

To apply for help through the grant a member of the hospital discharge team (such a social worker, clinician or occupational therapist) can make a referral on your behalf.  Please speak to them about the help you need or contact our Hospital Discharge Support Team for advice.

You can also visit Brighton and Hove City Council’s webpage for more information about the support you can receive and whether you are eligible to apply.

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