Personal Assistant / Carer jobs (direct employer)

PA Noticeboard is our online website listing vacancies for carers looking for work, and people who are looking for PAs or care staff to support them at home or in the community.

At Possability People, we describe carers and support staff as PAs (short for Personal Assistants).

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Who uses PAs?  

If you are disabled or live with an impairment or health condition, you might consider using a PA to help you with your day to day living.  PAs can do things like accompany you on your daily activities, whether that’s shopping, or to social activities or clubs. They can also help you around your home, helping with cleaning and tidying, or getting up and ready for the day.

You employ them to help you as you want, so you can be as independent as you want.

People who choose to have a Direct Payment or Continuing Health Budget (sometimes called Personal Budgets) often employ PAs. It can be a way of receiving support or care which you are in control of, so you can organise it to suit your lifestyle.

Who can work as a PA?

A Personal Assistant (PA) is someone who supports disabled and older people to live their lives more fully and independently. There are hundreds of people of all ages employing Personal Assistants to help them live the life they choose.

The work done by a PA is extremely varied and depends on the support that the person with a health or social care need requires. It might range from help around the home, helping someone with their admin and paperwork, to providing personal care, or even supporting their employer to go on holiday.

The hours are varied and can be full or part time. There are jobs available for every day of the week. This is because each employer’s needs are different. Some people may need support on only two days a week, while someone else may need more than one PA so that they can have support every day of the week. There’s bound to be a vacancy which fits in with when you want to work.

How it works

It’s very easy to get started on PA Noticeboard.

If you are a PA looking for work, register on the site and fill in the application form. You can also look at the PA vacancies listed on the site and apply directly to the employer.

If you are an employer looking for a PA, please register on the site and fill in the application form to advertise your vacancy. You can also look at the list of available PAs and contact them directly.

We make a small charge to list vacancies by asking you to subscribe to our service. It costs much less than advertising through general recruitment agencies and we can offer you either a monthly subscription or an annual one, which works out cheaper.

Please note, the PA Noticeboard is for information purposes to help PAs find work and to help employers find PAs more easily.

We do not recommend anyone, nor have we vetted the applicants. We advise employers to carry out the appropriate DBS checks in the normal way. We also advise that PAs ensure they have an agreed Employment Contract, with appropriate Terms and Conditions.

Help to use PA Noticeboard

If you would like to use our PA Noticeboard, but aren’t sure how it works, or how to get started, please email our team and they will be happy to assist you. The email address is