Our achievements

We are so happy when we make a difference. Which means we're a very happy bunch.

The Get Involved Group (GIG) is our user led involvement group. It’s role is to drive change so that disabled people and people living with long term health conditions are better served by people making decisions which will affect them.

It has positive working relationships with a wide range of Brighton and Hove’s strategic decision makers, from teams at Brighton and Hove City Council, our local councillors and MPs, staff in the NHS, transport and travel organisations and in the community and voluntary sector.

400telephone calls were made to isolated GIG members during the height of the pandemic

Some of our recent achievements include:

A full accessibility audit or the Phase 3 pans for Brighton’s Valley Gardens Development identified several obstructions which needed remedying straight away. Other recommendations are being taken forward.

The Disabled Car User Advisory Group was set up to provide a regular opportunity for disabled drives to discuss on parking. Disabled people are now consulted at the design stage of parking developments, rather than fighting against something already completed.