Appeals and tribunals

If you have had a benefit or allowance turned down, we might be able to help you challenge the decision.

Sometimes people can have their benefit applications turned down. This can be very disheartening and even distressing.

If this has happened to you, please contact our Advice Centre and ask them to talk you through any further options you might have. One of your options might be to make an appeal. Our advisors are skilled at doing this and will support you through the different appeal stages.

If your appeal goes to a tribunal stage, we have a buddy system so you can be supported.

We have a very high success rate in challenging decisions. Last year, of the 89 benefit application cases we know the outcome of, 76 were successful, with 27 successful appeals and eight successful tribunals.

27successful appeals last year (despite the challenges prevented by Covid-19)

Contact our Advice Centre

If you would like find out more about our how we can help you with an appeal or before a tribunal, contact our Advice Centre Telephone: 01273 894050