Brighton Advice Centre Crowdfunder

Please visit our crowd funder and support our local Advice Centre!

We are currently facing some tough cuts from Brighton and Hove City Council. Sadly, it means our Advice Centre service and the fantastic team who support our local disabled community are going to be affected.

We have been informed that as of 31 March we will no longer receive any funding from the council for this service in Brighton and Hove. This is a funding cut of £29,000, nearly 50% of our total funding for this service.

The demand and need for our Advice Centre support is greater than it has ever been.
As the only charity in Brighton that supports people with all kinds of health conditions, this will have a devastating and disproportionate effect on some of the most vulnerable people in our city!

Please head on over to our ‘Support Our Advice Centre‘ page for more information on the situation.