Possability People is a registered charity and needs support from people like you.

In memory of Mark Lawson, Possability People volunteer and trustee

If you would like to support our work, please consider making a donation in memory of Mark Lawson who died last month. Mark was one of our trustees and a valued volunteer.  He brought warmth and professionalism to the role, always having time to talk to anyone who needed more than a welcome or parking permit. Click on this link to make a donation in memory of Mark. In memory of Mark Lawson

Last year, our Advice Centre handled almost 4500 enquires. It helped over 2000 disabled people in need. But with funding going down while demand is going up, disabled people need us more than ever.

With your help, we can support more disabled people to live independently at home. More disabled people or people with health troubles can be supported to find volunteering places, training or work. And more older people will be able to leave hospital with the support they need.