Bella volunteers

I have two children. I live in Hove and have no vision. I volunteer for Possabilty People.

Volunteer and staff member meeting
I like helping people and feeling that I’m doing something to improve people’s lives. This is why, now that my children are older, I started volunteering at Possability People as a receptionist.
My duties involve taking phone calls, passing information to the relevant departments, and, whenever I can, use my initiative and knowledge to help callers myself. This job is very rewarding. My induction was very informative. I learnt a lot about people’s duties, the various departments within the organisation. I was given time to ask questions and to familiarize myself with the office. I received a warm and friendly welcome by everyone.I am surrounded by kind, helpful and appreciative members of staff who encourage me to use my initiative and help me broaden my knowledge. Ideally, in the future, I would like to take on more work, do training and get involved in a project. I have been feeling very positive about myself and my future since taking on this voluntary work.As I have no vision, I use jaws speech package. Jaws enable me to carry out duties like emailing, message writing and so on independently and effectively. I also have a Braille note taker very similar to a laptop that allows me to take information down during phone calls and store important phone numbers. I used my note taker during my induction session.I am a very independent person, have lots of hobbies and don’t let my sight problem limit my life in any way. I travel around Hove by bus or on foot, I socialize a lot and spend lots of time with my children and husband also. I live life to the full.