A brief history of our journey from The Federation of Disabled People to Possability People

We started life in 1981 as The Federation of Disabled People.

Our aim was (and still is) to support and involve disabled people to have equal rights, and a voice and control over issues affecting their lives.

As we started to provide more services to support disabled people to live independently, we changed our name to The Fed Centre for Independent Living.

We now provide a wide range of services to help all kinds of people achieve their goals. We believe that with the right information and support, anything is possible, regardless of ability.

We are skilled at feeding back constructively to people who make decisions. Our reputation is such that we have influenced policy and practice at local, regional and national levels.

Some of our services are provided by funding from local and national government. But much of what we do we fund ourselves either by our own fundraising efforts and public donations, or by income generated through services.We are very proud this income is reinvested in Possability People. It means more of society’s most marginalised and disadvantaged people can access information and services to help improve their health and wellbeing.

Thank you again for your time, patience, advice, information, support and understanding. I am truly grateful. Having that support is so empowering to vulnerable people.