Our Senior Leadership Team

Geraldine Des Moulins Chief Officer

T: 01273 89 40 40


Geraldine’s job is to lead the organisation and keep it on track, making sure plans are put in place so all the organisation’s activities are designed, developed and inspired by disabled people. Her job is to listen to disabled people and work towards identifying the barriers that often confront the disabled community, and together take a solution focussed approach to breaking down those barriers.

Geraldine has worked in the community and voluntary sector for over thirty years and has a great deal of experience of project and business development. This has been invaluable when leading and guiding Possability People from a small financially challenged organisation to a well positioned and leading disability organisation that’s really making a difference to people’s lives. This has been achieved and supported by the commitment of Possability People’s very talented team of staff and volunteers.

Geraldine enjoys travelling and socialising with friends and family and following their exploits on social media. She loves walking, especially with her young Yorkiepoo, Izzy, a recent addition to the family.

Mandy Crandale Operations and Development Manager

Mandy’s job involves designing and developing projects based on disabled people’s needs, finding ways of getting the funding for them, and then supporting the staff and volunteers to put the plans into action.

Mandy came to Possability People over five years ago, bringing a broad range of experience from the private, public and charity sectors. She has experienced first-hand the barriers many of our beneficiaries face, having learnt the hard way how important it is to manage a complex mental health condition.

Passionate about our vision and mission, Mandy oversees different areas of activity, including the MSK Social Prescribing Service and Link Back projects, the Get Involved Group and the Community Employment Service. She works hard behind the scenes to support the whole organisation, keeping us on track with our objectives, working closely with fundraisers and ensuring we can demonstrate the impact of the work Possability People does. She also develops and supports the delivery of our Training and Consultancy programme, working to enable businesses and other organisations to become more inclusive and accessible.

Outside of work, Mandy is happiest when off camping with her partner and two dogs, reading by an open fire amongst the trees; or roaring around the countryside on her new passion – her little Mutt Motorcycle.

Katharine Russell Business Development & Services Manager

T: 01273 89 40 40


Katharine has over ten years’ experience of working in the Community & Voluntary Sector across Sussex, and has undertaken several roles within Possability People. Involving staff and volunteer management, service and contract management, event organising, fundraising and business development.

Within a year of working at Possability People she took on the management of the volunteer programme growing the team from 1 to 90. Recently achieving the Queens Award for Voluntary Service. Katharine has also taken the organisation through, & achieved twice, Volunteering England’s investing in Volunteers Quality Mark.

Katharine has been successful in achieving a range of quality standards for the organisation, including the Advice Quality Standard & Advocacy Quality Performance Mark.

Katharine also delivers training for the organisation, organises & delivers the organisations events & most recently has been working across East & West Sussex in order to develop services and connect disabled people to services in these areas.

Mike Rae Finance Officer

T: 01273 89 40 40


Mike is responsible for monitoring the financial position of the charity and reporting quarterly to the Senior Leadership Team, and then on to the Board. The Finance function he manages issues invoices to our clients for services performed by the charity and its trading subsidiary, ensures payments to suppliers and staff for charity expenditure and, (most importantly) pays staff wages.

The charity has to produce statutory accounts to comply with Company and Charity law, and Mike prepares these for the annual audit.

Mike spent most of his working years as a company accountant for various insurance companies. However, he found his niche when he joined another Brighton charity and experienced much greater job satisfaction in the voluntary sector.

Mike spends most of his leisure time with his family, although attending gigs (especially Bruce Springsteen) wherever he can with his wife is always a worthwhile activity

Katy McGrory Communications Officer

T: 01273 89 40 40


Katy’s job is to make sure Possability People gets the right information to the right people when they need it. This includes PR and press, producing our publications managing our social media and website, making sure our lovely new brand is used properly, keeping an eye on and dealing with the media, and planning communications support for the teams and any campaigns or projects we are involved with.

She has worked in PR (public relations) and communications for 25 years, both for national charities and more recently, local ones.

Her favourite piece of work at Possability People has been the launch of the new name and brand. “Massively challenging on a small budget, but made possible by a wonderful, hard working and very committed team; the end result was definitely worth it”.

She can often be found doing an odd dance called Balboa (even in the office), taking photos of her journey to work on the bus, or watching vintage motorcycles whizzing around a track. Favourite colour is orange.