Lighthouse Arts

Lighthouse is a venue for events in Brighton. Meetings, talks, workshops, courses, seminars and exhibitions are hosted in this exciting venue that offers flexible spaces.

Opening Times: Monday to Firday 9am-6pm

Telephone: 01273 647 197



Contact name: The manager


Please contact the venue.

Getting in and around

Level access:

Yes. There are no steps leading to the double front door, which is a relatively heavy manual door. Bell ring system at a height of 1.5 metres.


Accessible Toilets: Yes. The toilets are only available downstairs. The accessible toilet (unisex) has hand rails and an alarm. Although it is relatively large, it does not have changing facilities.

Rooms Available: Yes.

Heading Loop: No

Getting There

Parking Details:

This venue does not have its own car park. Alternatively, there are two disabled parking spaces around the corner on Robert Street and five spaces outside the library.

Drop Kerbs:


28, Kensington Street Brighton

My Experience

Lighthouse is a conference venue. The lobby is spacious and luminous as there are large windows on the front. In the reception area there are some tables and a sitting area that can be prepared for post-conference drinks and meetings. On the ground floor there is a lounge that can be accessed through a double manual door. This room has natural and artificial light. Two more lounges are available downstairs e.g. the "Digital Lounge" has double doors whereas the other has a wide single door with only artificial light and no windows. The lift is a little bit smaller than a normal size lift. As you have to continuously push a button operating system, once inside you have to hold the button until you reach the lower ground. It is, therefore, strongly recommended to ask for assistance. The lift does not have a voice signal. Stairs are also available with 27 steps and handrails. Technical facilities and equipment are available for hire such as audio-visual, IT facilities as well as production and post-production equipment. Catering services can also be arranged.

Call ahead

The manager
01273 647 197