Hotel Seattle

Opening Times: Open 24 hours a day.

Telephone: 01273 679 799



Contact name: The manager


Please contact the venue.

Getting in and around

Level access:

Yes. There are automatic doors on the ground level by the road and on the first floor on the boardwalk.


Accessible Toilets: Yes.

Rooms Available: Yes. There are four accessible bedrooms on the 3rd floor, all twins and looking inland. There is a nice wide space to get to the bedroom part. The en suite has a bath with an extended ledge at the end, a lower wash-basin and the toilet has a raised seat. These rooms have a vibrating emergency alert - a plastic device which vibrates (and can be put under your pillow) connected to another part with a flashing light. The doors of the bedrooms open inwards and as they are fire doors, have a closing device on them, making it a bit difficult to exit in a wheelchair.

Heading Loop: No

Getting There

Parking Details:

Yes. There is a drop off point outside the hotel on the ground level. The multi-storey car park is a few minutes walk away and the hotel can be reached from parking level 6 by crossing the bridge and following the signs. Hotel guests can use this car park free of charge for the duration of their stay. For non-residents it is free for four hours.

Drop Kerbs:


Brighton Marina

My Experience

All the facilities are on the second and third floor, so from both entrances you have to use the stairs or take one of the two lifts and reception is on the 2nd floor. I found the entrances a bit strange with no-one around, like a ghost ship and only the 1st floor had a finger sign indicating where to go to reach reception. The lifts are large enough for a power chair or scooter and have Braille buttons and a clear voice giving information. The reception area is spacious and the desk fairly low. As yet there is no an induction loop and at present no member of staff able to use sign language. However, staff have had Disability Awareness Training and are happy to be of as much assistance as possible. The hotel does not have its own wheelchair, but with notice they can hire one for you (from the Red Cross). On this floor are the bar/lounge and restaurant and two function rooms. The bar is uncluttered and easy to get around, but for those with visual impairment there are a lot of dark colours with little definition. The restaurant is much easier with the contrast of the crisp white table-cloths and both rooms have superb views over the harbour. Wheelchair users are taken to the conservatory area of the restaurant, by far the nicest part. There is no Braille menu, but staff are happy to talk you through the dishes, and the menu can be enlarged on request. On the 3rd floor is a function/lecture/wedding room with its own terrace. There is a large lip to get over to go outside, but staff have a special board to assist you. The corridors are wide. They have stone coloured walls and cream carpets which could be confusing for visually impaired people, but there are small lights at floor level which might help. There is an outside terrace/bar area overlooking the boats and the water. The terrace is easily reached from the bar. On this floor there are mens and ladies toilets each with an accessible cubicle inside. Leaving the toilets is difficult as the door opens towards you and is fitted with a strong closing device which has to be there as it is a fire door. Most wheelchair users who are on their own would need to ask for help (I only tried the ladies!). As the whole hotel is accessed by lifts, there are special fire procedures for wheelchair users. They would be taken to two separate staircases that are built to withstand the effects of fire for an extra 45 minutes. A member of staff would keep them company whilst waiting for the fire brigade and the (preferably burly) firemen who would carry them to safety. The Seattle is a hotel that I would be very pleased to stay at. I have heard good reports of the cuisine and hope to try it one day.

Call ahead

The manager
01273 679 799