In work

Some of our participants already have jobs but want our support so they can keep them.

Sometimes a new health condition, for example, or an existing impairment can make it more difficult to do things at work which were once easy.

If this is something you are experiencing, we can support you, and give you the tools you need to keep your job and get on well.

We can:

  • talk to employers and work with them so they understand what a reasonable adjustment for you might be. We can also help them to provide this.
  • Continue to support you and your employer for as long as you want us to.

Participants create Wellness Action Plans to learn how to manage their health when they return to work including any reasonable adjustments or in-work support that would help and acknowledgement of what they need to do for themselves to remain well, resilient and thrive

Participants build communication skills, create strong support networks and gain confidence in setting and achieving goals. Our approach wraps support around people, fully recognising their situation so we understand the barriers they face and can enable them to identify and take necessary steps to overcome them.

Learn how to manage your health when you return to work

Work with us to

make a Wellness Action Plan

Contact us

If you would like to talk to us, contact the team for a friendly, informal chat.

Telephone: 07921 453183 or 01273 894044, or if you’d find it easier,