Hate Incident Reporting

You can now report a hate incident to Possability People in a confidential, safe space. We will listen to you and take you seriously.

A hate incident is any incident where a victim or witness feels someone is being harmed based on the perpetrators prejudice due to disability, ethnicity or race, faith or religion, sexual orientation, or transgender identity.

Possability People are now a Third Party Reporting Centre, in partnership with the Rainbow Hub and Racial Harassment Forum.  This means people can report hate incidents to us in a safe place. We will be non-judgmental and treat your report in a confidential manner.

We know that hate incidents occur across Brighton & Hove but are under reported. We hope that by providing somewhere in the community to report to, we can encourage residents to come forward and share their experiences, leading to increased understanding of hate incidents and better services for harmed people.

To report a hate incident, or discuss doing so, please either call 01273 894040 or email reportit@possabilitypeople.org.uk.

We will listen and take you seriously.  Reports can be made anonymously.