Managing aches and pain

Our Right Track project is a collaboration between the voluntary sector and the health service to support you to manage your aches and pain and become more active.

Living with aches and pain seriously affects our well being. Being active and getting out and about can help reduce the pain caused by muscle, joint and bone problems. It can improve well being and even prevent related conditions from developing.

Right Track is a collaboration between the voluntary sector and health to support you (and your carer) to become more active. We can link you into support and activity near you which can help improve your health and well being.

We work across Brighton, Hove and West Sussex.

Right Track partners

Right Track is a collaboration of voluntary organisations, which Possability People leads on behalf of local NHS service provider, Sussex MSK Partnership Central.

As well as Possability People, Right Track partners include Possability People, The Carers Centre and the National Osteoporosis Society.

Contact us

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